Learning Portuguese in a Week With the Tony Marsh Method

As if my first language challenge of learning Spanish in a Month wasn’t crazy enough…

On November 1st, I will land in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

On November 2nd, I will begin learning Portuguese. I currently know only four words: thank you, hello, better, and crunchy (don’t ask).

On November 9th, I will speak conversational Portuguese. We’ll film a full conversation in the morning to demonstrate it.

For the math-challenged, that’s a week.

I’m not talking about basic conversations. I’m talking full, real unscripted conversations about a wide breadth of topics that flow naturally.

Of course, there will be another documentary. Initial trailer here.

Only this time, I won’t be calling the shots.

Adrian (who was my Spanish teacher and now my cofounder at BaseLang, and who will be doing the challenge with me) and I have enlisted the help of Tony Marsh.

Tony is who organizations like NATO and the FBI turn to when they need someone fluent fast in Spanish, Portuguese, or Arabic.

One of his recent government students learned Spanish to a B2 level (which is basically fluent) in a single month at just four hours a day. This is typical.

The first time I heard that, I called bullshit. There are a million and one people with their own “language learning method”, of which none are actually effective or special.

Then I talked to the guy.

He walked us through his entire method, which uses fractal geometry and the golden ratio to shortcut the learning process, and ho-ly shit does it make sense.

He taught Adrian and I a little Arabic in five minutes. At the end, we had a simple conversation, in Arabic, about ourselves. It was incredible, even by my standards of learning speed.

This guy, and this method, is the real deal.

So, naturally, we wanted to test it out in full.

After talking to friends who speak both languages, I found that if I approached Portuguese like I did Spanish, taking into account that I already speak Spanish (which helps a lot), it would take 2-3 intense weeks.

So, of course, if I could learn it in 2-3 weeks using my methods (which are already extremely optimized), and if the Tony Marsh Method is really as good as it seems, a week would be possible.

When I told Tony the timeline, he wasn’t phased.

“Yea, totally doable. Won’t be an issue.”

So we bought tickets, rented an Airbnb, and packed the camera gear.

You can watch the initial trailer for the film (initial, as we haven’t filmed it yet) as well as signup for updates about the film on PortugueseDocumentary.com.

I have a small request.

If you happen to have any contacts in Rio, specifically in media or TV, please introduce me.

We want the final conversation on the last day, where we show what we know, to be on live TV news (ideally in the studio).

This will be tough to pull off, which is why if you happen to know anyone who can help, please put me in touch.

If not, no worries. Checkout the trailer, though 🙂